New colors for Fall!

Mauve Mist  is a lovely,  dusty mauve,  already being well received by Yarn Lady in Laguna Hills CA  as Nancy had the opportunity to show it last week.  They loved it!

Plum Rosa is a deep burgundy,  the color that some of the liquid amber trees turn in the fall.  This color,  coral bells,  and liquid amber will be featured in the Fall issue of Love of Knitting,  an original design, by me of all people!  LOK has a 6 mo exclusive use of the pattern,  after that it is yours to sell.  Of course the yarn can be sold at any time.  The garment requires 4 skeins of yarn,  2 plum rosa,   1 coral bells and 1 liquid amber.  The design would make for a great 3-4 week class for your stores.  You may order copies of the magazine by contacting Fons and Porter,  in Winterset, Iowa.

Storm Lake Iowa knits up as a wonderful neutral.  The better idea of the color is the garment,  Tuxedo Vest,  as shown on the website.  On my  monitor the shot of the skein itself appears more blue than it actually is.  I will ask if Shirley can edit the color for posting on the website.

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