Ravishing in Ruffle Sparkle Llama…

2 responses to “Ravishing in Ruffle Sparkle Llama…

  1. Where do I buy one of your 2-skein shawls? I have the yarn and the inclination, but couldn’t figure out how to obtain your pattern when I was on the website.


  2. I am upset as I purchased a skein of yarn and a pattern at The Needle Tree.

    They changed the pattern for a one skein Ruffle Sparkle Llama. I left the store not knowing that it was to be done in short rows. I have never done short rows and do not wish to start now. I went back to the shop as I was visiting in Greenville, SC. and was given a fan like scarf to knit. I thought about it later and decided it was not going to be what I really wanted and definitely would not be as pretty as your scarf. Nice that they want to save us one skein but not fair that this was not explained right. The mother in this shop is the knitter the daughter told me and the daughter does the needle point in the shop. Do you have a pattern that will show up this yarn with one skein, and can you tell me if Knitch in Atlanta, Ga. carries this yarn, or Strings and Strands in Atlanta, Ga.

    Thanks so much for your time and help.


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