What’s New at Red Barn Yarn!

Spring has arrived…and people have been busy with Red Barn Yarn!

Chevron Scarf inspired by fashion pages of the Arizona Republic,  Jan 22, 2010.   As knit in RBY product: raw silk and wool,  using 1 skein coral bells,  1 uniquity,  in those  Sedona  colors.  Instructions available on Ravelry for various chevron patterns.  We used   Chevrons Galore, Sarah Bradberry,  Eyelet Lace Version 2.

Pattern #26 by Tanis Gray.  As knit  in RBY worsted product: Iris.  For pattern, go to:  Ravelry/People/Tanis Gray/Designs/Pattern #26.   As seen in Knit Simple.

Copernicus by Tanis Gray.  As knit in RBY worsted product: Lobelia.  For pattern,go to:  Ravelry/People/Tanis Gray/Designs/ Copernicus.

For more patterns, colors, or if you have any questions, please visit our website at www.redbarnyarn.com.  Happy Knitting!

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